​​Valuation Modeling.  A  seller of assets should perform analysis similar to an expected buyer. There are numerous accepted methods for determining asset value, including historical cost, book value, replacement cost, depreciated replacement cost, equivalent present value, net salvage value, and net benefit present value. A sophisticated buyer looks to one or more of these methods and in addition the time value of money and performance of the system under his ownership.  Existing owners holders should do the same.


​​Financial Modeling. CaseCon is in a position to evaluate all of our clients’ opportunities as a result of its ability to custom build financial models to assist our clients. CaseCon develops independent models based on that client’s specific needs and desires.

CaseCon Capital Inc offers specialized investment banking, financial advisory, derivative advisory including swaps for municipal entities, public private partnerships, health care concerns, higher and secondary education institutions, 501c3 corporations, not-for-profit corporations, water and sewer projects and other special for profit or not-foe-profit projects. CaseCon's experienced encompasses various areas including

Evaluation of Financing Alternatives.  It is imperative at the time of each financing to evaluate the most advantageous

financing structure, choose between traditional fixed rate obligations, variable rate indebtedness; variable rate indebtedness synthetically fixed through swap agreements or something more complex and the time to issue bonds. CaseCon routinely reviews and employs alternate financing techniques such as asset monetization and other structures to obtain the most economical financing.  CaseCon has assisted clients in the disposition of assets, securitizing assets and contracts, use of swaps, forward purchase contracts and other derivative financial products.

​​Distribution.  In appropriate circumstances CaseCon's years of working with institutional buyers provides certain clients access to the institutional capital markets thought direct placement forgoing onerous up-front issuing costs.

​​Budget Assistance. CaseCon provides experienced-based consultation for a review of all alternatives for government and not-for profit clients before a decision is made to raise taxes or fees.

​​Pricing and Underwriting.  Michael P. Judge has been an underwriter for a large part of his professional career. This is valuable experience when dealing with various pricing models supplied by underwriters which may vary as to credit quality, term, risk, market timing, covenants and other financial and legal components.

​​Rating Agencies.  CaseCon has had excellent relationships with credit rating agencies with a reputation of performing quality work for difficult credits which has significantly reduced borrowing costs for marginal credits and structured transactions.

  • Bond Issues both public and private placement
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Debt Management Strategies                                  
  • Public/Private Partnerships                    
  • Budget Analysis
  • Difficult Credits/ Recovery/Asset Sale Valuation
  • Workers' Compensation Plans
  • Early Retirement Plans
  • Elder Care Valuation
  • Derivative Products

CaseCon Capital Inc


  • Elder Care
  • Energy                                                   
  • Enviorment                                              
  • General Government
  • Health Care
  • Higher Education
  • Schools Both Public and Private
  • Sports, Leisure and Recreation
  • Transportation